A reference in industrial automation in the process of interlocking with filling, labeling and cartoning lines

A referent in the automation industry in the processes of feeding: filling, labelling and cartooning lines. Since 1950, O.ZA.F Srl has been a reference in the automation industry, in the processes of :feeding, filling, labelling and cartooning lines. Founded as an artisan company, O.ZA.F's strength is based on the technical and commercial consulting service. Operating in Italy and abroad, the company will collaborate with the customer in the creation of a product designed according to his needs in every component; from mechanical and electronic design, through assembly and testing, to the drafting of standard documentation and products validation. All this is completed with a fast after-sales service able to respond to any request. The innovation of the company does not forget the original historical values, based on the attention to the quality of materials, the manufacturing process that represents an excellence of the Made in Italy. The company's areas of applications are: pharmaceuticals (in the various ISO-classified environments), cosmetics, food & beverage, tobacco, chemicals and mechanics. Customised automated systems, integrated by manufacturers and by end users into: filling, capping, labelling and packaging lines. Our core business is the production of machines for reordering bulk parts and for assembling components.

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