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Our production of vibration devices is made of circular and linear bases, preloading systems (hoppers) and orientation systems (conical, cylindrical and stepped bowl feeders) for different types of objects from all industrial areas (mechanical, chemical, food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, etc.). There are different solutions available for fixing systems (external clamps with screws, vacuum or motorization) that are suitable for working in classified environments with different levels of containment (O-RABS, C-RABS, Isolators). The supply can be completed by accessories such as: pedestals (fixed, adjustable, telescope) and soundproofing devices. The vibrating orientation systems can be supplied mounted on bases and combined with devices for inserting unstable objects into pucks/godets. In case of combination with the cartoners, can be equipped with conical or cylindrical wheels for direct unloading of the oriented parts directly into the boxes of the catenary.

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